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 BSPC Agenda June 2019.doc



I hereby give notice of a meeting of Brampford Speke Parish Council to be held at Brampford Speke Village Hall on Wednesday 5th June 2019 at 7.30pm, to which Councillors are summoned.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting and may speak at the Democratic Period.

Jacqui Ward

Parish Clerk

Brampford Speke Parish Council

Brampford Speke Parish Council: Cllr S Luxton, Cllr E Hollingsworth, Cllr A Birmingham, Cllr R Tillett, Cllr E Johns and Cllr L Fletcher-Neal.

As detailed in the Council’s Press & Media policy:

  • Most papers that have been circulated to councillors will be available (on request) to members of the public at or after the council meeting.
  • Members of the public are permitted to film or record council meetings, to which they are permitted access, in a non-disruptive manner.


1.       Apologies

2.       Declarations of Interest under the Code of Conduct - Councillors are reminded of the requirement to declare any interest, including the type of interest, and reason for that interest, either at this stage of the meeting or as soon as they become aware of that interest

3.       Minutes

  • To adopt the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting AGM held on 15th May 2019

4.       Democratic period

Up to 15 minutes Open Forum for members of the public to bring forward any issues not on the agenda (where a matter is already on the agenda members of the public will be given an opportunity to speak when that item is considered, within the framework of the Council’s standing orders). Where a decision is required the issue will be placed on the following agenda.

5.       Ongoing Topics

·       BSVHT: to review Councillor role. Also, update from the Chair regarding the survey.

·       Footpaths & Verges:

·   Footpaths – Update Footpath warden; Wynn Stait. Also, footpath signs: update from Cllr Birmingham.

·   Verges – Cllr E Johns

·       Trees: Cllr E Hollingsworth

·       Highways & Traffic Management: Cllr R Tillett

·       Communications: to discuss the Parish Council having a page on the Village website to enable the Clerk to post up Parish Council items such as Agendas and Minutes to ensure the Parish Council meets the Transparency Code criteria.

·       Chapel Street: to discuss Residents only parking: Cllr Hollingsworth.

·       Telephone Box: to re-paint: update from the Clerk.

·       S106: update from the Clerk: can this fund be used for schools?

·       Village Pub: to discuss: Community Asset: see email circulated from Nick Wright and update from the Chair regarding contact with EDDC Planning Department.

6.       East Devon DC (EDDC) matters

(Except where the matter is covered under another specific heading on this agenda)

·       To receive a report from the Councillor F King.

7.       Devon County Council (DCC) matters

(Except where the matter is covered under another specific heading on this agenda)

·       To receive a report from Councillor R Bloxham or Councillor S Randall-Johnson

·       Taverner’s Field: to ask if any work to be carried out here is the responsibility of DCC?   

8.       CiLCA: to discuss that the new Clerk, Jacqui Ward, apply to take this in order to maintain a Quality Council and sharing the cost with Upton Pyne and Cowley Parish Council.

9.       Standing Order adjustment: update from the Clerk.

10.    Action Log: at the meeting in May Cllr Birmingham asked would this be valid in order to keep abreast of items such as S137 and S106: to ensure monies are used and not lost. To discuss.

11.    Planning

·       To receive details of any planning applications received since the last meeting

·       Milton Lodge, Brampford Speke: to check and approve the minutes of the Site Meeting held on the 30th May 2019.

·       Land North of Nortons, Thorverton: 19/0972/FUL: to discuss and check plans and arrange a site meeting if appropriate. 

12.    Financial items

·       Account Summary for June 2019

·       Expenses to approve and pay:

·   1 x to Jacqui Ward (May)

·   1x to Cllr Luxton

·   1x DALC

·   1x Carole Oliphant (May)

·   1x Cllr Hollingsworth (May)

·   1x Cllr Tillett (May)

13.    Other information/correspondence received for possible action/discussion/attendance

14.    Next Meeting on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 @ 7.30pm at Brampford Speke Village Hall